Mungalla Station Wetland

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Managed realignment









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Why Undertaken
  • Biodiversity Enhancement

  • Climate Change (Greenhouse Gas) Mitigation

  • Habitat Enhancement

  • Improve Water Quality

Project Description Summary

The Mungalla Station wetland was historically a saline tidal habitat. However after being bunded by European settlers it had become freshwater pasture that was riddled with invasive weeds.

In 1999 the land was given back to the Nywaigi people who have since worked with scientists and environmental organizations to manage the wetland. This management has included transforming part of the site back to traditional saltwater wetlands.

In October 2012 section of the bund wall was removed to let the saltwater back in. That led to a dramatic reduction in the amount of invasive weed. However, during periods of higher rainfall the weed can return.  To address this and further increase the amount of salt water, boreholes were drilled to access subterranean saline water and bring it to the surface. The boreholes are powered by solar energy, and they have had just as much effect as the original breaching of the bund (Wired 2022).

This is an inspirational wetland restoration projects that is demonstrating the multiple cultural, ancestral, tourism and biodiversity benefits that can arise from returning tidal waters to a site (Wired, 2022). This site is also providing a unique opportunity for the development of a carbon credit business.  Referred to as the Mungalla Carbon Project, Accounting for Nature (2020) summarises the whole initiative as 'a 25 year, $3.74 million collaboration between the Queensland Government and CO2 Australia Limited to improve biodiversity levels, build greater connectivity between remnant native vegetation, improve water quality entering the local waterways and reaching the Great Barrier Reef from Mungalla Station, and develop the skills and employment of people from the local community.'

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