Cotehele Quay

Year Implemented


Project Type

Managed realignment


United Kingdom


Tamar Estuary





Habitat(s) Created
  • Not Known


0 Hectares

Why Undertaken
  • Biodiversity Enhancement

  • Create a More Natural Shoreline

  • Habitat Enhancement

  • Improve Flood Protection

Project Description Summary

This project restored an area of freshwater tidal wetland at the National Trust property of Cotehele Quay. A river-side field along the banks of the Tamar Estuary had been enclosed in an embankment and converted to farmland in 1850.  To enhance and restore the tidal habitat, a preparatory creek/channel was excavated in the field before a 15 m breach was made in the riverside bank to allow the tide to flood in.

This project is part of a larger programme of habitat creation and improvement throughout the Tamar catchment which aims to create new intertidal habitat which will improve the resilience to the changing climate and to provide a richer environment for people and nature (National Trust Website, accessed 2022). The National Trust website (link below) provides more details and photographs about this project.

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