Adapting shorelines

The dynamic and changeable shores of our estuaries and coasts are highly valuable for the ecological, social and economic benefits they provide.  Across much of the world, though, they are under pressure from human activities (past & present) or the consequences of sea level rise and climate change.

In response, a wide range of coastal restoration and habitat creation measures have been undertaken in many countries. 

ABPmer has developed this website and related database of shoreline adaptation projects, to facilitate learning and help share knowledge of working with nature at the shoreline. 

The project examples range from small-scale community-led schemes to ambitious landscape-scale projects.  They include managed realignments, regulated tidal exchanges, sediment recycling and shoreline restorations (e.g. removal of redundant coastal protection).

Here you can find a wealth of 'live' information about shoreline adaptation projects (mainly in Europe but also the rest of the world).

You can access, contribute to and download all of the following:

  • A regularly updated database and map of implemented projects;
  • Project photographs where available;
  • Related publicly available reports and links to literature;
  • An international LinkedIn discussion forum.


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